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Professionalism: Experience: Reliability: CertificationThese are the cornerstones upon which our business is based. Bennett Legal Video Service is a full service legal video agency based in Jacksonville, Florida. Our service areas include most of Northeast,Central and Southwest Florida, and Southeast Georgia. Please visit our About Us page for a detailed description of our geographic service areas.

Professionalism: imgIt has often been said that in litigation, the most critical stage is the deposition. This is where the attorney can make or break the case, capture and preserve crucial testimony and evidence and the true demeanor of the witness. At our company we utilize only Certified Legal Video Specialists or CLVS trained videographers. Our videographers use professional grade digital cameras, sound, lighting systems, and professional backdrops for all depositions. Your legal video can be captured in various formats including Mini-Digital videotape, DVD, CD-Mpeg-1 and VHS. From a simple fact witness deposition to a highly complex technical or medical deposition involving multiple exhibits in various formats, our professional videographers will ensure you receive the best possible results.

Experience:Our Videographers are trained and experienced in various forms of legal videography, not just video depositions. Alan Bennett, CLVS, the owner of Bennett Legal Video Service, has performed over 1,500 legal video depositions since 1998. We also provide many other legal videography services as described on our About Us page.

Reliability:We recognize how serious and important your legal video needs are to your case. When you schedule an assignment with our company you can rest assured your videographer will arrive promptly and you will receive your work product based upon YOUR DEADLINE. We also make backup copies of all video assignments and archive them for our clients.



imgWe are proud to say that all videographers associated with our agency are either Certified Legal Video Specialists or trained as CLVS videographers. The Certified Legal Video Specialist certification is widely considered "the" professional certification for legal videographers. The CLVS certification is administered and awarded by the National Court Reporters Association. Please click on the video to learn more regarding the CLVS certification. The CLVS certification ensures that your videographer has completed all the required professional education involving the technical, legal and ethical issues affecting our profession as legal videographers. Only after completing the education classes, passing a written exam and passing a practical exam is the videographer awarded the CLVS designation of professional competency.

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